English has been a part of my life since the age of 8 – from language schools to studying English at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. During my studies, I earned pocket money by teaching and translating, and after graduation, I got a job as a translator (soon also a court interpreter) for the English language.
I continued with teaching English part-time in foreign language schools or through private tuition, always stressing to myself and others that although I teach less than I translate, TEACHING is my vocation – transferring knowledge to others and having immediate reaction and results of the work and effort invested during teaching is something completely different from typing translations on the computer.

Contact me if you want to practice your English or if you are a foreigner in Croatia and need or want to improve your Croatian. We’ll deal with different grammar exercises, speak, or read books. I love grammar and I often like to stress that grammar units are the bricks used to build our knowledge and without them, we cannot progress and achieve desired results and levels; I would even say that those who do not like grammar are just not aware of its charms and power. I often have students who have some knowledge of a foreign language but tend to freeze when they have to speak out of fear that the sentence will not be perfect. I will mentor you in any combination. Get in touch so that we can create language lessons that best suit your current situation and level, making your learning as enjoyable as possible. All ages are welcome.