Translators with a different background knowledge, (general) culture, predilections and motivations translate, or rather interpret, the same text differently. This is why it is highly unlikely that we will find two identical translations of the same text.

Interpreting Language has as its mission, and strives towards, quality.
In order to achieve this goal, four crucial requirements have to be fulfilled:

The purpose is to help others understand what they cannot due to their unfamiliarity with the language. This is done through either teaching the language or translating it.

Autonomy in selecting the method and the place of work. A comfortable, autonomous work process is achieved with a timely agreement with the client, to everyone’s satisfaction. This satisfies the formal requirements, while the rest is optional.

Mastery and excellence in what one does, taking advantage of every opportunity to acquire new knowledge and reinforce what is already known.

Motivation, where every new project is a new challenge and offers a chance to learn something new, which is yet another personal and professional victory.

I hope you will be satisfied with the way Interpreting Language interprets English and Croatian for you.